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Hi, I’m Jenn!

My passion for cheese and charcuterie boards started during the lockdown in May 2020. Since we were not able to go out, I began making cheese and charcuterie boards for my husband and I to share. I enjoyed creating them so much that I was inspired to create Shareable Boards. I posted my first Instagram post in September 2020, sold my first Shareable Board in October 2020, and the rest was history. Shareable Boards was born out of quarantine.

I put a lot of passion and love into each Shareable Board that I create. Even if I use the same ingredients, each Shareable Board is truly unique. Each Shareable Board encompasses my mood, the day, the weather, what music am I listening to, the season, nature, and my surroundings.

In the midst of chaos and the pandemic, I found something I was truly passionate about. I am grateful I am able to share my craft and a piece of my heart with others.

As I create each Shareable Board, I want people to feel and remember, it’s those moments that matter when you’re gathered with your loved ones, indulging in delicious food, and sharing stories at the center of each Shareable Board. It’s a shared experience.

Eat Goodness. Cherish Moments. Share Experiences.

Made with Love,
Jenn Barazon